Saturday, March 22, 2008

alarm clock.

my body has this weird way of waking itself up, esp when i have something on later in the day like meeting up with friends or doing some duties.

like before i go to sleep, i would set my alarm to a certain timing and i would tell myself what i am suppose to do the moment i wake up. so lets say, the next day i having duty at 1230, so i would set my alarm at 1000 and keep talking to myself about what time to wake up, what should i do next, etc.


so i think like right before i wake up, i would have this dream about being LATE for that certain event in this case is the duty. and all the drama that happens after that till the point i cant take the drama in that dream, i would suddenly hear my alarm clock. haha.

i'm not late afterall.

its just that my body and mind telling me....this is what happens if you are late so better wake up! hahaha.

it sure wake me up alright.

Friday, March 21, 2008

give and take.

to all those ice cream lovers, an advice. keep a spoon in your bag in case of an emergency. you will really need it when the time comes. dont regret not having it.

workload have been on the rise lately. i mean, working 3 days 1 off kind of thing lately instead of the usual 2 days 2 off. its putting a slight stress on the mind esp. having to sleep on the 1st off and needing to wake up and thinking how to spend the rest of the day knowing that the next off will only come in 3 days time. i hope i can endure this. but i always tell myself, everything thing you do, there will for sure a certain level of stress. its a matter on how well you manage it that makes the difference between breaking or making it.

i dont know what i want in life. really. to think back of my resolution for year 2008, i dont think thats what i want in life. my life has been tooo mundane. too quiet. too lonely. i spend time at home with family, 99% of the time on my off days. i mean its not saying its bad, but i do not have the balance between friends and family.

but somehow deep inside my mind, i know friends is something that i hate to handle. i have friends NOW how ask abt my well-being only when they in need of money. other ask me about my well-being only if they have no other freinds to text with. i dont blame them for doing this. its me. i'm not the kind that keeps good relationship with friends though but hey, i know i am trying my best.

is it that i'm fussy?
i want people to go my way??
but then again, every individual is different.
everyone has thier own view in life.
i know this.
i give and take if i have to.
but just dont piss me off.
coz one things in life, i only make you happy if i am happy.
whats the point making others happy when you yourself are not in the same boat?

2010 i want to have my MOTARD pls

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

paintball and bikes.

previous entry i told you guys that i went for paintball. its should be 'PAIN' ball instead!! but i do had fun and being the champion for that game was indeed satisfying. good thing we won! at least it was worth risking it all with all the bruises.

yes. i went home stipped almost naked and counted the number of bruises i got. i got NINE la! thats freaking alot lah.

this shot on my chest was still ok. i still can endure the pain. i guess it wasnt a direct shot.

this i remember i was hiding when suddenly someone came up from nowhere and shot me. kinda direct.

and lastly, this shot was confirm gurantee direct shot! i saw the ball coming into my direction and landed 'swee swee' on my thigh. i was shouting in pain initially. it not that bad in the pics but i got a shock of my life on how badly bruised it got when i was in the showers. haha.

sorry for the bare body and hairy leg pics. just want to show you guys how fun paintball is. hehe. give it a try if you had a chance.

remember i was talking abt bikes day in and out in most of my entries? well, this time i want to show what bike will i be getting once i get hold of my class 2 license.

Aprilla Supermotard 550cc. yes. i will go Malaysia and play in thier kampungs if i had this bike. dont worry. my insurance will be cheap by the time i getting this bike. so the bike would be affordable. 21k for the vehicle only. haha.

but i guess i shall pamper my current wife properly though. make sure dont 'buang' dont 'langgar' anything. maintain it to its fullest potential. and i be on my way to a motard. yes. i will show people why suzuki DRZ SM400 is a normal bike. you'll see.

Monday, March 17, 2008

money money money

i read a certain someone's blog and how it affects me was suprising. Even it happens more than a year ago, its just affected me one way or another. haiz. surprise surprise.

its the 18th of march, 6 days after pay day and i'm only left with a few hundred dollars in my piggy bank to play with till the next pay day. urgh. darn it. how to survive like that. No fancy stuff for me this march.

i keep thinking about the money in my bank. i'm not surprise that by the end of the month, i only will have less than a 100 bucks in my bank. hahaha. geez. its been ages i seen 2 digit balance in my bank. last time i saw was like back in my NS days.

today i'm off to a paintball competition. yup. 2nd time in my life playing it. the first time, well it was memorable due to the pain on my thighs. haha. i wonder what will happen to me this time round.

work have been sucky. 2 days work 2 days off scheme has turn into 2 days work 1 day sleep another duty on the 2nd off and back to normal shift. so in turn, i practically dont have an off day. it aint a glamourous job you know. but then again, time management is essential in this kind of situation. you dont manage your time well and everything in your life will go a haywire.

o yah, i pampered my bike with a few decorations for her. i was doing it at the carpark itself and i realise i really like pampered my bike like nothing else on earth. really. i keep seeing people returning home from work/sch while 'putting make up' on her and they just simply park thier bike and leave it. i was like geez. am i too obsess with her? i mean for me, when i reach home, i get down my bike, i wipe her clean, check out her assests (check out if there is any damage done), etc and it will take me 10 mins with her before i head home and rest well. but the people i saw, aiyo, stop and go. pity the bike sia.

but then again, a bike have no life. but i believe taking good care of it will in turn take good care of you in the long run. so yeah. yes i'm suddenly crazy about bikes. a few years back, i was like only wanting a car and a car only but now, a long term plan i have in my head. in 2 years time, i going to change to a motard. so i be 26/27 years old by then, and when i get married and have a kid, i will get a car. haha. but yes, a class 2 motard is a must try for me. hahaha. so cant wait.

ok, its 7.25am now, gotta have breakfast and head off to 'war' later. toodles.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

sleepy head.

my body hurts like hell.
darn it.
i've never been so tired.
the last time i felt this was like way way back in the army.
the times where torcher was fun, and pain was something for us to remember and suffer together.

and there were sooo many RTA on the roads today.
pls drivers be considerate of others.
even you are in the right, just be considerate that at least the wrong knows that he is in the wrong.

i nv been so scared to face a situation that someone thinks that he is soo in the right but in front of my eyes, what he did was not acceptable.
i was kind enough to let him off with a warning.

and saturday ramai sak org in town.
like many many.
maybe because governement sector got their pay already,

maybe i need to head to bed now.
sleepy lah.

Friday, March 14, 2008


i think my life was way way better before the internet world.
i wouldnt have met alot of people.
wouldnt made a lot of mess.

wah sey.

why even bother?
i piss people off sia with my entry.
tak de intention pun nak piss kau off.

the day been soo tiring.
i actually had this selection thing that requires you to do:
1) 9 chin up
2) 60 sit up in 2 mins
3) run 2.4km under 11min 30s

i tot i could do it. but it seems impossible when i was doing the sit up part.
adui, 40 is the standard 5 points for guys in IPPT. i manage to pass that mark with a breeze but when it came to the point of hittng close to 50, the bother just dont seem to work.
i was like darn it!
its like lesser than 15 more to go.
come on faizal.
but no. i was short fall of making that criteria to be selected.

but one thing is for sure, i am ready for my IPPT next month.
get a silver + 100.

*cramps on stomach and groin area*

i wish i had leave tmr.
had to sacrifice it for a friend who needs it more than me.
nasib baik aku baik.
haha. ok.

going to sleep now.
take care je zal.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


thanks izie for the comment.

i have reasons that i put up such entry.
yes. someone is forcing me to find someone.
just that i did not say about it.

and yes, i am concentrating my career.
i make it a secret what i am doing soon.
i hope i will.

thanks for that concern.

ok back to life.
i keep wondering what to do with my bike sia.
i want to do something to make it unique.
i wonder how?
*puts on my thinking cap*

tmr is part one of my life changing experience that i would take.
a change that comes rarely.
and i hope i make it
i cant tell you guys wats is it about
but it makes me go missing.

thats all.
take care of ur partners well.
treat them well
appreciate them
love them
hug them

the person that you love the most is the person that you dont realise that he/shhe is stainding in front of you.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


ok. let me blog before i go off to work.
its raining ever since i got my bike and there were only a few days with dry weather.
i hope it stop raining for some period of time.
ok done.
off to work.

Monday, March 10, 2008


ok officially i am having a bad headache now.

i'm 24 and single.
i hope i can stay that way.
as in the single part.
because i want to concentrate on my career.

i rather do that then have to think about how to please the female species.

call me frikle minded.
but i am not up to it.
i am not ready to commit.
i am not ready to entertain all those small bits and little cranny that comes from the female species.
i think its more of i am not bothered.
yes. not bother.

ask me all you want about marriage and relationship.
i dont give a fuck about it.

its sad to see people suffer in a dumbass relationship.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


when i got home today, i was in time to watch the ch5 news. so as usual, they would report about MSK and i was kind of surprised that they are already searching him in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve area! gosh. thats like kilometers away. and thats far when you have no means of transport.

but anyways, i was again surprised when my dad told me when he was passing by mandai area, he saw this red Police trucks along the road, meaning they are already searching him in the mandai jungles which is just mins or meters away from my place!!!! gosh

just becareful aite.

and now they publish photo's of MSK attire last seen before he left the Detention Centre. So dont anyhow wear the same kind of clothing that he had worn k? if you do so, before you know it, there any many many people around you. haha

wells, even though this thing had happen, somehow the trust of singaporeans towards singapore security has dropped. but then again, we cant let this be and bring our guard down and let another lapse happen. Its just another mistake for us to learn. Retrust out government coz they would need your support.

Without it, scenes that had never happen in singapore for a long time will happen.


Monday, March 03, 2008


this happen to me today.

i was standing there waiting for the train. yeah, you read it right, TRAIN. my bike in the bike shop for a lil tuning that i need to do.

so ok i was standing there waiting for the train to arrive over at novena when i saw this 2 nurses. One of them caught my eye. i look at her but glance away everytime she look back. being the shy me, i always do that.

so in the train, it was packed and it happen that we stood like close together. its not that i intentionally stand close to her but it more of coincidental. so thru out the whole journey, i keep doing the same thing, look at her and glance away if she look back. maybe because her friend is there.

so as she took a seat, i was lucky enough to found a seat seated across to her. she slept though thru the journey. later, her friend got down at admiralty and she was awake again. i then had this sudden urge to 'signal' her that i wanted to know her coz suddenly, i had this feeling she was getting down the train very soon, but fucked, my line of sight was blocked by a dumb as guy.

i was like darn it. what now what now. i was such in a panic state. haha. really. kental right? so yeah, as i saw her stood up, suddenly, we had this eye contact and there, the exchange of smile and her looking back.

i was dumbfounded. i was like, "get down the train and chase her. get down the train and chase her. get down the train and chase her" i kept repeating that for many many instances till the train door close and i regretted. urgh.

that smile of hers still replays in my short term memory and i really hope that i will bump into her again.
i really do.
if i do bump into her tmr, then i guess i am kinda lucky.
last day taking the train to work. pls god, help me!! hahah

laugh all you want, i am not that typical guy who goes up to a girl and tell her that i want to know her. i dont do that. really. i'm just plain shy. urgh.
but like what a friend of mine had told me before, if the guy is shy and its not nice for the girl to make the first move, how the hell are we going to get attached ?haha

i need to pick up some courage.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


ok. i'm back from that short trip to Desaru.

okk. i was more of an educational trip abt fruits harvesting in malaysia rather than a holiday but it was still destressing for all of us who went there.

eh long time i nv put up pics for an entry here goes.

so basically when we arrive there, we were treated with nice sights of fruits. really.

pls dont tell me you dont know this fruit?

esp this one.

mum later told me, "eh like that how to see the fruits in the picture!!" so she came over and said " quick take picture take picture!!!"

she became my model for a few fruit taking pictures.

there was this nice path shelthered by this lime-relative fruit plant. i forgot what is the name of the fruit but one of it dropped on my head. darn it.

nice right ?

brother came across this long fruit, which i think its wintermelon. haha.

we later walked deeper into the farm and we saw a pond full of fishes lah!!!!!

see the water? very little fish right.

the moment my bro throws in fish food. look!!

closer look at the ferocious animals

the flowers are nice

and i met them....

yeah i played with those animals and that wasnt my hand at the last part!

seen a cock cock-a-doodle?

and of course we left the place with this...

anyway the whole journey was great till the ending part.
really. what pissed me off is that the fact that we only get to spend 30 mins in angsana hopping mall.
big deal when i am staying in woodlands and angsana is just like 30 mins away but i am the kind susah nak gi overseas nye and when i had that chance i was only given 30 mins!! darn it. i wanted to look for games to buy over to sg and play. i wanted to get halal food which is haram here. but no..30 mins just get dont know what fuck food and eat. haha. nabey.

o wells, off to work tml.


i noticed that PRC is kinda irritating at times. if you dont know whats PRCs then i pity you. Anyway why i am irritated by them? Well, firstly, when they talk, they talk with this slang ok i dont mind that but do you have to speak sooo loud? i mean god, you friend is just beside you and you are like talking as if the place is darn noisy or as if you friends is like 100m away from you? urgh.

and esp male PRC, i hate the smell that comes from them. again, i do understand that B.O. do sometimes comes out from you but if knowing that you have VERY strong BO and you dont bother doing about it, then dont hang your arms up high exposing that HAIRY armpit of yours. urgh.

not to be rude, but be more civilised ah. you cant say that you are a PRC and stick to your own ways. come on, pls reflect better on urselves aite? you people ARE going to host the Olympics this august you know.

o wells, enough about them..

yup thats her. after a long wait. phew. but i still need to do alot of work on her. and dont worry, i wont be paranoid to give it a name. i just call it wife. hahahaha. yes. love her so much.

anyway i had a great week though. laughters. learning new stuff and learning from mistakes. seen the sad the bad and the happy. i'm glad that i'm leading the life the way i did.

Ms PS3, how long more would you be in the hospital?? boohoo. i need you.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

die u bastard

ok. BIG BIG news!!!

JI detainee Mas Selamat Kastari escapes from Singapore detention centre

yes. pls. be on a look out for this person. he is BLOODY wanted in Singapore. darn. Pls take care singaporeans. pls do.

and to u mr mas selamat. You be dead very soon for causing us a lot of trouble. May you be in ALLAH's good hands.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

morning morning

it sucks when something so good starts to fail on you. really.
i was playing my PS3 when suddenly i heard noises coming from the console itself. i stopped playing and looked at the screen to see the horror. the screen froze and i figured that i played for it for too long. So i decided to switch it off and i went to take a nap.

the horror began when i woke up and decided to see if the noises were still there. everything went perfectly ok when i realise the 'CD' icon wasnt there. IT COULDNT DETECT ANY CD!!! for hours and hours i been putting the cd in and out, in and out, in and out, like a paranoid kid. and right before i head to bed, case confirmed, a ps3 with a dead Blu-ray disc player.

darn it. in 3 weeks i can make the player damage. O well, its under warranty. Off to sony gallery to send it for repairs!!! haha. Darn, i have to carry the PS3 there. 6.5kg le my PS3. one heavy load.

as of yesterday, its been 2 weeks that i have been waiting for my new bike to come out from the shop. (yes people, the msn msg that you saw abt marriage is about me 'marrying' my bike) i dont know if i have told you how it goes about but here it goes.

i sold my beloved RXZ on the 5th February to another person at a reasonable prove of 1.5k. i couldnt get any more good offer from any one else and i need to sell my bike before i could get a new one, with the instructions from my dad. so i struck the deal and decided strongly to go bikeless. Endurance.

so 6 days later, on the 11th, dad and me decided to look for a bike. A super 4 to be exact. I remember when i was small and when my dad was still young and lively, he rode a super 4 tooo and i remember the speed he went on it. And he being a previous owner of a super 4, you could see his eagerness in getting a super4.

so anyway, bought a super4 that day and they told us that they offer free paintwork and change of every wear-and-tear item for free as part of their service. so i agreed upon it and decided to have a unique paintwork. well, its just a color change from a purple base color with silver logo HONDA design to a black base color with orange HONDA design.

they told me it could be done in a week and they would call me by then to come and collect the bike. but things didnt go as planned. A week later, i called them instead and they told me everthing is done except for the paintwork. Kedai paintwork tutup lah as the owner went for a good CNY holiday. Ok fair enough. even though i was sooooooo impatient about it, i had to give them the space adn time to do a good job on it.

BUT now another week has pass....gosh, i kept on dreaming about going on the road again, zooming pass trafic, having the wind in your face, no need to worry about being late, no need to stand!!! urgh.. NO more squeezing in the trains with 100 over people, no more waiting for buses. the only thing i need to worry when i have a bike is can i squeeze thru and taxi/female drivers and of course, every riders nightmare, RAIN.

cant wait cant wait. I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! *URGH*

i read NISA's blog regarding hair extensions and her stories about it and its kinda scary sia. haha. imagine the hair actually belongs to a dead person and he/she will hunt you in your sleep. urgh. scary. like what i told NISA, i rather be ugly then be haunted by HAIRS. haha.

its already February. I wonder what will happen in the next 10 months of my life. Promotion? More money? Get attached? Get sacked? fire? demoted? hahaha. Very unpredictable. But i'm glad that i have already accomplished certain resolution for 2008. yup2. i think by June i need to make a new one...

Sunday is DESARU TRIP!! weee..

entry is typed in the wee hours of tuesday, 0130hrs to be exact. hence the long entry.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

it suddenly struck me.
the mood swing.

this time round, i feel that i'm doing nothing about my life.
i been to work and home work and home work and home.
thats all i do
and when i am at home, i will either be in front of a screen or seen running around wdls
yes i do have a sad life..

i really wished i could change my life to a better when i was 15?
10 years ago?
i dont know.
i see how.

but one thing for sure.
i been giving it alot of thought and i think i should go back to my sec sch and thank my teachers during teachers day who had brought me to where i am now.
i nv did that in the past.

anyway i need a bike. NOW

50 First Dates

ch5 played "50 First Dates".
what i call the best romantic movie ever
never i find it too mushy or what.
its just the best.

just rememeber, love your other half as if you love them the first time round.
watch '50 First Dates'. you know what i am talking about.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


have you heard about it?
you havent?

are you singaporean?
Singapore won the bid to host the Youth Olympic Games lah!

dont believe?
go ask PM lor.

so i guess there will be a whole loads of duties for me 2 more years down the road.
whats more its held like 5 days after the Nation's birthday in 2010.

2 years?
i be freaking 26 sia
mak ai.
tua nye.

anyway, whats impt is looking young, feeling young, and young at heart!

going for a run soon

o yah, i'm doing office hours till a certain date.
so yeah, erps, rush hour traffic, stupid FEMALE and TAXI drivers, pls drive carefully ok?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

eye care

there are some side effect of not having a bike. really.

firstly, i'm stuck at home. being fussy about taking public the efficient public transport is one of the reason. and being at home, i stuck with my ps3 and this laptop. and what surprises me, its affecting my eyesight. really. i having this HUGE strain on my eyes now.


keep reminding my brother not to look at the screen for so long to avoid myopia, i myself forget to remind myself. see lah. *enduring the pain*

anyway, i'm suppose to get my bike like last monday. i called them since they nv call me, and to my heartbreaking surprise, my 'wife-to-be' is still in the make over stage man. I mean, why take so long!!!! haha. told my dad about, tot he would help me pester them to hurry up but the old wise man saying "be patient, let them take thier time and you be surprise with the results" wah sey. when he mention that, i gave up in the fight and agreed agree to him and be patient. haha

but i was itchy enough to go kacau my dealer at the bike shop to tell him faster finish ah. and next thing i got was a phone call from him saying this,"KAU GILA KEPA!! sabar ah! " haha. surprised sia.

ok remember kids. FIGHT MYOPIA! it sucks when you need to start wearing specs. so please dont give the optician extra cash ok.

so thats it from me. pls pray for me that nothing bad is going to happen to my eyes. really. its hurting.

Friday, February 15, 2008

saja je

i guess its time for me to update this and also announce that i'm getting married next sunday. very sudden? yeah. i have to or i wont be sane anymore. yup.

for more details abt the wedding, just give me a beep.

anyway, life has been great. yup.

thats it lah. ape lagi kau nak,.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Is singapore feeling safe?

i keep crying over spilled milk.
thanks to a good friend.
i got over it fast.

thanks to another friend and good riddance.

I actually had a dream about buying my new bike and i could see the glimmer from the wide smile i had seating on my new bike.
and yes, thats how super crazy i am about getting it and i need to get it quick.
i feel that its such a big hassle to take public transport.
i do take the bus/trains to near near places, but to those far far ones to take a public transport, its sungguh leceh lah.
when can i get my new bike?
dad pretty pls.
i need a new bike fast

yes, i need to wait for my dad to get a bike.
i need his blessing and his my sub rider so must listen to him.
no blessing no ride.
thats what i believe.

ok i need to work this friday.
like finally right?
no more leaves or offs.
i need to make singapore feel safer again. toodles.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hi, I'm a single, 24 year old, looking for that special companion

there is a blessing to the bike seeling/buying thing. I got close to my dad and wanting something, i just ignored the fact that he smoked. thanks

o yeah. i sold my bike already. yup. sad to see it go.
in loving memory of ms RXZ :(

when i first set my eye on her.

i know she wanted a make over.

and finally, i made her look her best.

it was so sad to see it being ridden off by another guy just now. for the whole year, the only person riding was me and i let another guy ride it from now on. haha. ok i sound very pyschotic.

finding a new love soon.

Monday, February 04, 2008

videos galore.

what the hell is happening to this world sia....

and this is mean

this one gatal man.

and thiis is fucking crazy!

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Headline on the front page of Berita Harian, a local malay newspaper.

"The trend with young malay youths in drink driving is rising"

and the news that was inside was about how malay youths are taking alcohol as if it was a normal drink. haiz. If our religion allows us to drink, i wouldnt say a word about this but knowing that Islam forbids us from drinking alcohol is for SURELY a good reason.

doing the work that i do, i seen the side efffects of drinking and its bad. either you get wasted, you smell bad, you cant think straight and get into a fight for no apprant reason or you die or get injuried in a car accident. really, if there is reallly strong GOOD benefits about drinking, i wouldnt think that islam would ban alcohol. so those muslims drinking, i might not be an angel but think about it.

and another thing, smoking. haiz. why why. why must smoke? really? smokers, pls tag me the reason why you start smoking and continue smoking afterwhich. i just dont get it.

ok. i'm going for a swim tml. haha.


and its very dangerous to put exclaimation marks in your SMS. the other party might misinterpret the message that you going to relay to him/her. i learn it the hard way. o wells, apologies from the heart. sorry.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

bikes again and my N81

today is a saturday.
tomorrow is a sunday.
the day after that is a monday.
and after that is a tuesday.
and you guess it, what a way to start an entry. hahaha.

you be surprised when i say this. its about my N81
i heard about the own software update thing for nokia where you do your own software update via internet. well, it simple. follow the instructions and everything would be ok. i did that on the 14th January. everything went well when all out of a sudden, the screen seems to be the same for 10 mins, even though i kept pressing the buttons that was on the phone. i stayed the same and that made me realise that it need some 'medical' care, and so it was sent to the 'doctor' on the 15th and guess what, till now my phone has not been in my hands. surprising. so 15th Jan and today its the 2nd Feb. you make the judgement.

ok. its already february then. 10 more months of 2008? fast? yesh. i'm going to be 24!!! o my god! soo tua. haha. i wish i was like 18 or 20 again. haha. o well, got to face facts.

I in love with my PS3 now. yup2. luckily i didnt get Xbox360 or how my friend would put it, XBOX 'Pretty shitty' haha. awesome system. i just need a big 32" LCD tv now. haha. i had a chance to plug it in on my dad's 42" plasma tv....and i went gaga. haha. awesome shit.

and i keep thinking of my future wife, Super4 Spec3. pretty pls. i want it soon!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

transport. land.

dont go to this website if you have a weak hear seeing cruelty at its worst. please. dont say i didnt warn you.

watched deal or no deal? well, for most guys, we are tuned in because of the 26 ladies holding the cases but what turns me off is the fact that how the audience and contestant is soo faking each expression they have. really. its like so obvious. there was this one time, the hunk edition, the contestant i think didnt actually bother to be 'acting' that it made the whole episode soo boring.

and the contestant are mostly well-to do people. i mean you can tell, they are those people with status with thier friends,company, society, etc and from the looks, they dont need that extra cash. Deal or no deal should be gone out to those middle income people, those who really need the extra cash to well, have a good living. o wells..

talking abt money, i was impressed that the government unleashed the news of the new MRT lines coming up in the future. at least it was a good reason why they are increasing the price of erp and what nots. But after listening to YESTERDAY's news, i was shock! ERP charges to increase again to ease congestion? wow. i was quite shock about it. why not have lesser taxis on the road? that would ease congestions. really. u look at the amount of taxi PER taxi company. dont you think they make quite a bulk of the vehicles on the road?

but o well, if thier reason is to really control the amount of vehicle on the road, i think i would be sticking to bikes for a long long time. cheaper. faster. lesser stress. haha.

dad was talking if i want a car or a bike. well, who dont want a car? the comforts of the aircon, the roof that protects u rain or shine. but what if it starts to turn bad on you? really turn bad on you? the servicing? the maintainance? and with the mentioned ERP, i think it would slowly be a headache. haiz.

i wish Singapore had land as big as indonesia...or at leat Malaysia or Sri Lanka. MORE LAND FOR SINGAPORE PLEASE?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

car. tv. insurance. smoking!!!!!

i think i going to something new for each entry. having to know like almost EVERYONE starting to smoke, i shall start each entry with an anti-smoking advert. so this is the first one

i been too paranoid about what happens to my family if i pass away that i actually took up 3 insurance plan in a span of 2 years. I didnt realise it actually till i saw my latest insurance policy that came thru mail. yeah. come to think abt it, i spend S$300/- per month just on insurance. aiyo. i hope that if anything that happens to me, it would be of great benefits.

I NEED A BLOODY 32" LCD TV PLS!!! urgh. haha. only some people know why i need such luxury.

i drove my aunts car today. i was being cheeky to ask her for the car just to drive ard singapore. and well, i wasnt please with the car she bought. its a kenari? kenari? the malaysian car made from PERODUA. I believe the engine is smooth just that since the car being small, you can feel small vibrations of the engine thru the car itself which makes it well, slightly rough during long rides since its an auto car. but one thing i like abt that car is so small. haha. parking, turning is such a breeze to do. haha. i wonder what will be my first car be.

i think i need to sleep. zzz nites.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

why bikes?

yes i know. riding bikes is a dangerous form of transportation. I know how safe i be, i bound to be prone to high risk of accident. I know getting a car is way way bettter and safer.

but i know myself well. if i get a car, would i be financial stable. would i be as happy as i am? i looking at long term. when going for maintaince, the servicing, would i be able to cope with that demand?

thats the reason i would want to get a bike. not for style. not for race. just pure transportation. and i try my hearty best to avoid any accidents that may happen to me.

but its all in GOD hands. if i am meant to meet HIM, i will. in bike accidents or peacefully on bed, its up to HIM to decide. amin.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

no bikes as of yet.

aiya. i think january is the month where bikes have been part and parcel of my life. pagi petang siang malam asik fikir pasal motor je. haha. i got to put this aside.

Friday, January 25, 2008

of thoughts and anger

little that i know that i have been very fussy about my other half and very scared to go into a relationship.

i dont care what people say about my age, about finding the ONE at this very moment. About me thinking about settling down.

I dont know if i should feel this way but I feel that now i am at my peak in my career and family life. I should be doing these and concentrating on them rather than thinking about so many stuff at one go. I know that life is going thru all the challenges that is posed to me but I just feel that my career is challenging enough for me to stay on. Let me do this and i do the rest later

dad and me had not been in good terms. well, mostly its my fault though. I've not been a good boy to be doing the 5 daily prayers. I been doing instead 3 a day kind of thing. and knowing my dad, being the religious type, missing one means you are bad. and there he goes with the nagging and everything. I know i in the wrong, but you could have woken me up for that suboh period. I am very tired. I am. I do wake u up at times when you couldnt wake up for your own suboh, why couldnt you help me then?

i just couldnt be bothered and the fact that the rate of him smoking in this house is going up very high and fast, its been putting my health on the lows. I been coughing and having this sore throats due to his neglect. Tell him to stop smoking? Tell him to smoke somewhere else? Have you thought the fact that i am keeping quiet about it?? suffering in silence people say. I done that and he just complied to it for a few days, after which he will come back to his own ways. I couldnt scold him for that fact as he is my father and i couldnt ask him to smoke somewhere else in the house as its HIS house. So, i am in the losing end. Luckily for me, i always have the comfort of my own room and air freshener to ligthen me up.

i been praying and praying that i will get the load of getting a new bike and dad was saying, come later after friday prayers we go see which bike to get for u.
ok, even the hate, i just glad that my prayers had been answered. best thing, i hope to get the bike before february.

sorry ms rxz. I so need to sell you off soon. you been great and i've never regretted doing the make over for you and racing with you down expressways and narrow roads. You have taken care of me well too. Love you. dont worry, i going to sell you off at a good price and of course, i going to find a good owner for u.


Friday, January 18, 2008

dont read this one. i just need to type something

i think i tot about a great solution to my problem that i have. well, its not actually a problem in the first place. I just making something out of nothing. haha.

ok. this is my ultimate plan.

Selling my bike is no big of a issue. my dad is going to help me in all ways and means to get a good price and hassle free settlement between seller and buyer. so selling of my rxz is settled. haha. talking abt selling, i think ms RXZ knows abt the whole situation abt me 'breaking' up with her and this morning it didnt start as it should be. i had a hard time starting up the bike. i had to be manja2 with it for awhile before it became the usual self.

Buying a bike is the headache part actually. i wanted to get a new bike. a 1st hand bike. A Super4 Spec III. which means, i had to stick with it for a very very long time. and it will cost me around 12.5k. but i thinking of another option of getting a normal 2nd hand super 4 at ard 5-7k and i can do my own mod for the bike to call it my own. haha. so i think thats the best solution for it.

haiya my life been abt bikes bikes and bike. hahaha.

o yah. the movie CLOVERFIELD. DONT WATCH. HAHA seriously nothing to watch. its like blair witch project but at a lesser scary tone. more of a fear fear kind of thing. ahaha. well, i dont know how to explain it. but pls dont watch. haha

Thursday, January 17, 2008

to sell or not to sell.

Zalikha: get a DRZ lah. =X hahh. or just stay with your RXZ, then when you get a class 2, then buy a new bike.

i started off with the quote from the tag i got and it got me thinking. Should i or should i not wait. The motards in Singapore are limited though but overall, there are more choices for class 2 bikes.

urgh. to wait or not to wait. big investment. but one thing for sure, once i buy a bike NOW, it will be a long time i get another one. so how faizal??

darn darn.
should i or should i not sell. haiya.